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Offshore power grids for net zero 2050

Achieving net zero emissions by 2050 demands a significant upscale in offshore wind energy. DNV leads this transformative journey with advanced solutions and expertise.

Offshore wind energy expansion

The transition to 359 GW of offshore wind capacity by 2030 is vital. DNV's Energy Transition Outlook highlights the need for connecting approximately 3000 offshore wind farms globally by 2050, addressing the accompanying technological and regulatory challenges.

Innovative grid solutions

DNV specializes in enhancing offshore power grids with advanced technologies. We focus on meshed grid systems, interoperability, energy islands, and High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) development. Our goal is to deliver cost-effective, optimized solutions for complex power systems.

Risk management and standards

Preventing failures and ensuring operational excellence are paramount. DNV's proactive risk mitigation strategies, grounded in industry standards and best practices, are tailored for each unique offshore power grid project.

Collaboration and expertise

Our independent stance enables effective collaboration with global stakeholders in the energy sector. DNV's services include testing, technology readiness assessments, power system studies, and thorough failure investigations.

Engage with DNV

Contact us to discover how DNV's expertise in offshore power grids can support your transition towards sustainable energy, aligning with the goals of the Paris Agreement.