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Offshore T&D concepts and planning

Expert and analytical services for assessing and maximising the technical and commercial value of offshore T&D projects

For projects as large and complex as offshore T&D facilities, success depends on making the right choices from the start. Through our Offshore T&D Concepts and Planning services, you can get the information, analysis and support you need to make decisions with confidence for an efficient and successful project.

We offer a wide range of services to support you during concept design and project planning. These include assessing the wind and energy potential of sites, evaluating wind turbine generators, commissioning concepts and managing risk. In addition, we can help you during tendering and procurement of components, mitigate design issues and investigate marine cable routing.

Thanks to our exceptionally broad range of activities, we can help you take a broader perspective and address every aspect of your offshore T&D project. Moreover, our expert consultants offer a unique blend of in-depth technical know-how, hands-on expertise and commercial awareness. So they can help you find solutions that meet both your technical and business needs.