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Power systems protection studies

DNV provides detailed studies on the status of protection systems used to protect your T&D assets.

With over 80 years experience in the energy and utility industry, DNV has extensive experience in all aspects of protection systems. We can help you identify the most effective protection and control strategies for your T&D assets, whether analysing existing protection and control systems or assessing the design of new solutions.

Critical to your business
Major power failures can have a serious impact on the economy, critical infrastructure, businesses and the end-consumer. So successfully protecting your power systems and related high voltage equipment against such failures is a critical.

But advances in protection and communication technology, the growth of renewable generation and integration, all make the identification and implementation of power protection systems extremely challenging.

With our deep understanding of the technologies involved in protection systems and relays, we can help you identify the most effective protection for your T&D assets. We can also carry out studies to review, optimise and re-validate protection settings, taking any equipment changes into account.

In many cases, post mortem analysis is important in helping to evaluate the performance of your protection system. Our engineers have significant experience in disturbance analysis and can recommend corrective actions or improvements for your protection systems.

Maintenance concepts
In addition to studies, we offer services for maintenance concept development and lifecycle management of protection equipment. These involve activities such as the analysis and selection of maintenance concepts, and advice on refurbishment programs and migration planning. Where appropriate, we support this advice with statistical analysis of historical protection system fault data.

Seminars and training
You can also call on us to train your staff, either through general or tailor-made courses on protection systems. These courses cover topics relevant for protection engineers and technicians such as: current and voltage transformers, protection technologies, implementation of protection devices, calculation of protection settings, development of a protection philosophy and current trends and development.