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Technology qualification for offshore grids

Certification and inspection services for offshore T&D facilities to minimise risk.

Offshore T&D facilities are often remote and hard to access, leading to high installation, maintenance and repair costs. Hence investors and other stakeholders want to mitigate risk as much as possible.

Our Offshore T&D Technology Qualification and Support services help provide peace of mind for all stakeholders in offshore projects. Through expert testing and inspection, we help your project go smoothly by ensuring component quality and employing best practices throughout its lifetime – minimising the risk of failures and unforeseen costs. Services include HVDC component certification, cable management and installation, and failure investigations to pinpoint root causes and reduce the chances of repeat problems.

All these services are delivered by dedicated teams of experts with years of hands-on experience in offshore T&D. Through them, you can draw on all of our extensive, in-depth knowledge of T&D networks, offshore projects, renewable power generation and the energy industry in general.