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MyQRA: Dynamic quantitative risk assessment and online sensitivities

Unlock the full value of your quantitative risk assessment (QRA) study

Quantitative risk assessments have traditionally been delivered as static reports. MyQRA is a powerful application leveraging all the data generated from a QRA in a 3D format with filtering and drill-down functionalities. 

The outcome is faster and better decision support and simpler and easier risk communication in all phases of an asset’s life cycle. We estimate that MyQRA can reduce the overall cost of safety studies by up to 50% over the lifetime of an asset.

How MyQRA improves decision support:

  • Timely results of QRA provide valuable input for HSE Managers and Asset Managers in decision-making during operations 
  • The application makes it easier to compare QRAs for concept selection enabling Safety Managers to make a more informed contribution in projects 
  • Interactive reporting including dashboards with drilldown functionality and filters provide insights not possible in a static report
  • Effective use of sensitivities can avoid underestimation or overestimation of risk 
  • MyQRA can be used as part of 'as low as reasonably practicable' (ALARP) demonstrations
  • The application facilitates cost-benefit analysis of asset modifications during operations.

Simpler and easier risk communication with MyQRA:

  • All latest QRAs in one place, easy to find and available on demand
  • A single view of the risk in different areas and segments of the asset 
  • Better handover of valuable QRA data from projects to operations
  • Easier to understand hazards; 3D visualizations of the risk levels.

Efficient and cost-effective QRAs by DNV

  • Cyclical QRA studies are simpler and easier
  • Faster and more efficient processes for sensitivity analysis 
  • Our online tools (MyQRA, Cloud QRA) are available to companies commissioning QRA services from DNV.

A trusted expert in risk analysis

DNV has successfully completed thousands of QRA studies for the oil and gas industry, proving our unmatched legacy in QRA analysis. DNV has published DNV-RP-G107 Efficient updating of risk assessments in accordance with ISO 31000, focusing on recommendations to update risk assessments during the operational phase of a facility.

How to get started with MyQRA

DNV customers who already have a QRA can request to have their risk data transferred into MyQRA. 

If you have questions about commissioning new QRA services from DNV, transferring a QRA from a third party, or would like further information, please contact us

To access a demo of how MyQRA works, register for an account on DNV’s Veracity platform (if you have not already done so) and select the ‘Access the demo’ button on the MyQRA page on the Veracity Marketplace MyQRA page on the Veracity Marketplace. The MyQRA team will then check if you meet the requirements and provide access, typically within a few days. Once approved, you will be able to access the Application from the My Services page on the Veracity platform.