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Local wave loads analysis

Our particular area of expertise, local wave loads analysis from DNV supports safer operations.

The characteristics of transient loads induced by slamming, sloshing and green water need to be assessed in the context of the structure, either as a fully coupled structural-hydrodynamical analysis or a simplified analysis.

As the basis for all local load assessments, the experts at DNV predict the general sea-keeping characteristics of a vessel. Based on statistical analysis, a set of expected extreme scenarios are established. The loads and structural response associated with these scenarios are simulated using state-of-the art tools.

Slamming, sloshing and green water loads

Our experienced specialists apply unique tools to provide accurate predictions. We combine efficient screening methods with RANS simulations to obtain reliable extreme loads at the required probability.

We calculate the effects of slamming, sloshing and green water on the ship’s structure to locate possible fatigue areas. Our slamming analysis approach includes a range of methods, from efficient simplified methods to advanced coupled CFD-FEM (FSI) methods. Based on the accuracy required, we provide the information you need to take the appropriate measures that will ensure a longer lifespan for your ship.

Benefit from our expert analyses tailored to your needs:

  • Customised spectrum of analysis services at a high level ensures you have the ideal solution at the lowest possible cost
  • Hassle-free, streamlined processes
  • Reduce your future maintenance and repair costs
  • Gain the most from your vessel thanks to an increased lifespan
  • Gain proof of compliancy with guidelines, recommended practices and classification rules