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Layout optimization for offshore wind farms

One of the quickest and easiest ways to reduce the cost of energy for your offshore wind project.

Reducing the cost of energy is an important factor for any offshore wind project, and effective layout optimization can help enormously. When defining layouts, there are many things to consider including external aspects, such as shipping, search and rescue, helicopter flight corridors, etc. It’s also crucial to understand the engineering behind a wind farm in order to understand the overall cost of energy.

Comprehensive project analysis
Our layout optimization service helps you lower Capex cost and reduce the cost of energy. We work closely with you to identify what technical data is available on site, including metocean data and spatial data sets. This allows us to assess the technical characteristics of a site.

We then take into account project constraints, what turbine options you are reviewing, whether you have specific foundation options in mind, etc. All the information is compiled and, using our cost of energy methodology, we design the wind farm layout with a focus on minimizing the cost of energy.

At the end of the analysis, you receive a full report, together with a tool to help you easily examine different layout options.

Complete global service offering
Drawing on our engineering knowledge, we've developed one of the most robust cost of energy models in the industry, which we use to undertake the analysis. We can also utilize WindFarmer, the industry-leading wake model for energy analysis.

These services form part of our complete offering for offshore projects across the globe. You can opt for individual services or a tailored service package to meet you particular needs. Either way, you gain full access to our depth of expertise in all disciplines related to wind farms.

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  Layout optimization flyer

Layout optimization flyer

Download the Layout optimization brochure for more information.


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