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Hydraulic modelling software for optimization and simulation of gas distribution, transmission and midstream networks

Hydraulic modelling software

Synergi Gas hydraulic modelling software is a robust, versatile tool used worldwide to simulate natural gas gathering, transmission, and local distribution systems. It is used to model a wide-variety of gases including natural gas, hydrogen blends, biogas, ammonia, Carbon dioxide and more. In addition to pressure and flow calculations, Synergi Gas also has extensive gas component, gas property, and thermal tracing features.

The hydraulic modelling software identifies, predicts and helps you address your asset's operational challenges, enabling day-to-day efficiency of gas distribution and transmission networks. Synergi Gas software gives the results you need to make crucial design, planning and operating decisions using robust equations.

Hydraulic simulation software - what you get:

  • Synergi Gas is the leading natural gas network modelling and hydraulic simulation software
  • Analysis of closed conduit networks of pipes, regulators, valves, compressors, storage fields, and production wells is done with Synergi Gas software
  • Steady-state hydraulic modelling software for analysis with extensive composition and temperature tracing functionality
  • Synergi Gas hydraulic simulation software can easily handle systems of 1,000,000 nodes or more
  • Analysis engine in Synergi Gas software can combine with more than a dozen different available modules in the hydraulic simulation software system
  • Over 50 years of gas network analysis expertise, innovation and gas software domain knowledge in DNV

Network analysis hydraulic modelling software for operational efficiency

In gas distribution and transmission networks, advanced hydraulic analysis is needed for decision support to attain optimal operational efficiency. Synergi Gas software will help you make daily operating decisions for load approval and operational support, size main extensions and replacements for economy and performance and create long-term strategic plans that maximize your existing gas network infrastructure.

With Synergi Gas software and modules you can

  • Link Synergi Gas software to your customer information system
  • Determine the impact of isolating selected regions of your gas network on remaining network pressures and flows
  • Determine optimum compressor and regulator operations with the goal of minimizing fuel cost, maximizing profitability and system capacity
  • Understand and plan for complex dynamics between pipeline operations and economics
  • Stay in compliance with system over-pressurization requirements
  • Organize and maintain the large volumes of data inherent with over-pressurization protection
  • Demonstrate results and compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Compare the software's hydraulic analysis results to actual system behaviour
  • Drive "what-if" or other operational analyses with the hydraulic modelling software
  • Modelling pure hydrogen and hydrogen blend networks
  • Modelling variations in energy supply content
  • Sectorization and sector isolation
  • Performing Gas Quality Tracking for interchangeability and end user billing

Synergi Consulting

The professional Consulting experts at DNV utilize industry best practices, combining engineering domain knowledge with product based hydraulic modelling software solutions, to help you maximize your return on investment and get the solution in place.

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