HVDC LCC station refurbishment

Reducing risks of unplanned equipment or system failures

HVDC LCC (line-commutated converters) systems have been in operation for over 40 years across the world. These crucial interconnectors are fundamental components in many power networks, often connecting remote sources of renewable energy to national grids or linking neighboring nations. HVDC LCC stations consist of different primary, secondary, and auxiliary systems, with different design lifetimes, making repairs or replacements a difficult and complicated process. DNV’s respected expertise reduces the risk of unplanned equipment or system failure, through independent assessment of remaining lifetime and predictive maintenance insights, giving all stakeholders the confidence in the proper functioning and reliability of your HVDC LCC interconnector.

DNV approach
For an effective and efficient refurbishment project we have several methods:

  1. Integrated expert review of converter station availability statistics and shortlisting equipment, or system failures leading to unplanned outages.
  2. Independent expert assessment of equipment & systems condition, and remaining lifetime analysis.
  3. Preparation of refurbishment plan (covering a scope and integrated time schedule that optimizes energy transmission during refurbishment).

As illustrated by these points, the optimal approach to the refurbishment of an LCC station is an integrated one, comprising a commitment from expert review of performance and condition, followed by an equipment and system replacement scope and schedule to maximise availability during refurbishment works and RAM thereafter.

As an independent expert party, DNV is ideally positioned to provide advice on your HVDC LCC station refurbishment project. Download the brochure for more information or contact us directly.

  HVDC LCC station refurbishment

HVDC LCC station refurbishment

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