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Ageing electrical grid assets

DNV helps you optimise the management of ageing assets to reduce O&M spend while ensuring performance, safety and system resilience.

Ageing T&D components are more likely to fail, are more susceptible to extremes of weather and can be costly to maintain. Our specialist knowledge helps you address these challenges and make optimum use of your O&M budget.

For many utilities, ageing electrical and structural infrastructure is a growing problem. And in times of increased financial pressure, it can be hard to balance cost control with the demands for performance, health and safety, risk management and system resiliency.

Evaluation and recommendations
Our support enables you to find the right balance for your company. It begins with expert evaluation of the condition of your major power delivery assets such as power transformers and other substation infrastructure.

Based on decades of practical experience, we understand where and how components are most likely to fail. As a result, we not only provide an independent assessment of the current state of your assets, but can also make recommendations for future operation and maintenance.

We can help you:

  • Quantify the future impact of ageing equipment
  • Develop multi-year asset management plans
  • Defend inclusion in the rate base in front of regulators

Armed with our report, you will have the facts and advice that let you take well-founded decisions on capital equipment investments and operations. We help you answer the 4Rs – whether to repair, rejuvenate, retire or replace ageing equipment – and when, where and how best to do so.