Grid Code Compliance

International Grid Codes: independent verification and certification of the grid connection of generating plants.

We are your independent and experienced partner for verification and certification of Grid Code Compliance (GCC) in the fields of wind, photovoltaics, CHP/biomass, hydro, storage and other generators according to valid rules and regulations in your specific market.

As a German DAkkS-accredited certification body, we issue the GCC Project Certificate for your generating plant. This provides you with the independent confirmation of compliance with the grid connection requirements in the relevant country.

With a DNV GCC Project Certificate you minimize risks and gain the trust of your project partners, investors and insurers.

We offer the following services:

  • Grid Code analysis, grid connection studies and preliminary assessments
  • International Project Certification according to applicable rules and regulations
  • Inspection and monitoring
  • (Recurring) Declaration of Conformity or Final Operation Notification (FON) as confirmation of permanent compliance with the grid connection conditions
  • Trainings.

We certify according to the following laws and guidelines amongst others:

  • Requirements for Generators (RfG) and its national implementations
  • Germany: VDE-AR-N 4105/4110/4120/4130 and FGW TR3/TR4/TR8
  • Spain: Norma técnica de supervisión de la conformidad de los módulos de generación de electricidad según el Reglamento UE 2016/631 (NTS 631)
  • DNVGL-SE-0124 and DNVGL-ST-0125 (DNV’s international approach to evaluate and certify grid code compliance), based on other international IEC guidelines or local grid connection conditions.

In general, we suggest the following Project Certification Process:

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If you are interested, we would be pleased to provide you with a free offer.


  Renewables Certification service portfolio

Renewables Certification service portfolio

Grid Code Compliance for on- and offshore wind, solar, biomass, storage and gas turbines

  Ensuring Grid Code Compliance in a New and Changing RfG Landscape

Ensuring Grid Code Compliance in a New and Changing RfG Landscape

Paper written by Liselotte Ulvgård and Tobias Gehlhaar and presented at the wind integration workshop in Dublin


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