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Wind farm project certification

Project certification helps you to achieve stable operation and proper risk management.

In a competitive energy sector, the ability to consistently produce sustainable power is essential. This requires reliable quality, stable operation and proper risk management at all times. DNV’s wind farm project certification helps you achieve exactly this.

We provide you with a well-proven, totally independent review and approval of wind turbines, support structures, substations, power cables and control station at a specific location. This takes into account all relevant factors, such as soil conditions. By having your project certified, you demonstrate risk awareness and willingness to address such challenges. And that gives potential investors and other stakeholders more confidence in you.

Onshore and offshore
Certification comprises a range of specific technical reviews and certifications such as:

  • Site-specific environmental conditions verification
  • Design basis certification
  • Design verification of integrated structural systems
  • Manufacturing surveillance of support structures, substation, power cables and wind turbines
  • Transport and installation surveillance and
  • Commissioning witnessing

International standards
Certification is offered among others according to the following specifications:

  • DNV-SE-0073   Project certification of wind farms according to IEC 61400-22
  • DNV-SE-0190   Project certification of wind power plants
  • IECRE OD-502     Project Certification Scheme

You can find more details on our Service Specification DNV-SE-0190 for project certification of wind power plants here.

Project certification according to our Service Specification DNV-SE-0190

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