Wave and tidal certification

Maximise the potential of your wave and tidal energy systems with comprehensive evaluation, verification and certification by DNV.

Designers, manufacturers, investors and insurers all have a vested interest in ensuring the engineering integrity and safety of ocean energy systems. Critical evaluation will maximise the extraction capability of the latest marine power technologies and ensure safe, reliable and successful projects.

DNV answers the growing demand for independent third-party evaluation, verification and certification in this nascent industry. Drawing on our long-standing experience in the renewable energy and offshore marine sector, we provide a global certification service to the wave and tidal energy industry. Our experts help you get the most from your ocean energy systems.

As experts in renewable power and certification, we can tailor the certification procedure to suit the wide range wave and tidal power concepts still being explored by the industry.


We offer the following range of certification services for wave and tidal power systems.

These services can be applied individually or in any combination.

  • Concept evaluation
  • Prototype certification
  • Type certification
  • Project certification
  • Component certification
  • Site-specific certification
  • Technology qualification
  Wave and tidal certification

Wave and tidal certification

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  Alstom’s Oceade™ tidal turbine

Alstom’s Oceade™ tidal turbine

Prototype certification


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