Full-scale testing

Full-scale and structural testing of components and systems – building confidence in technical solutions

Full-scale testing of structures, components and systems

Structures, components and systems often require full scale tests in realistic environments. 

With a unique network of full-scale test sites and laboratories in the UK (Cumbria), Norway (Oslo and Bergen), Singapore, the Netherlands (Groningen) and the US (Columbus, OH), DNV helps build trust in new innovative solutions, undertakes the qualification of components and equipment, and finds solutions to improve the integrity of structures and components. 

Spadeadam Research and Testing in Cumbria, UK is a world-leading fire and explosion research and testing facility. Its remote location on more than 3500 hectares of secure Ministry of Defence land means we can carry out explosion, fire and gas dispersion testing within a secure exclusion zone. 

Our structural laboratories are specialized in customized dynamic and static tests up to 2900 tons.

Structural testing support:

  • Extending the life of assets
  • Design verification and proof load testing
  • Qualification of new solutions
  • Development of rules and standards – calibration of design equations.

Full-scale testing areas of expertise:

  • Fire and blast simulations
  • Offshore and onshore pipelines
  • Offshore structures
  • Mooring and risers
  • Process plants (pressure vessels, equipment, pipework)
  • Subsea equipment
  • Ships and transportation industry
  • Machinery
  • Wind turbines.

Full-scale testing capabilities:

  • State-of-the-art instrumentation including laser scanning, high speed logging equipment and 100+ logging channels
  • Explosion testing
  • Fire testing
  • Gas dispersion testing
  • Large-scale sour and CO2 capabilities
  • Up to 25 MN (2500 mTon) dynamic test rigs
  • Purpose-built test rigs
  • Full-scale testing in realistic environments
  • Seven laboratories with more than 5000 m2 total lab area
  • Jacks, actuators and hydraulic systems capable of +/- 25.000 kN dynamic, and more than 100.000 kN static load
  • Available test conditions for static and dynamic loading, combined loading conditions, external and internal pressure, cryogenic and elevated temperature, and harsh or aggressive environments.

Laboratories providing full-scale testing


Spadeadam, UK


Oslo, Norway


Bergen, Norway


Tuas, Singapore


Groningen, the Netherlands


Columbus, Ohio, US

  Our global network of laboratories and test facilities

Our global network of laboratories and test facilities