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Ensuring safe, high-performance marine control systems

We perform advanced control system software testing and verification of complex integrated systems using simulator technology.

Failure, malicious attacks, software errors or system integration problems can quickly develop into non-productive time, equipment damage, incidents such as blackouts, or accidents.

Our team specialized in control systems and cybernetics helps secure the safety and integrity of industrial control systems by probing these networks for possible vulnerabilities and troubleshooting installed systems. In addition to testing their robustness, we can verify that the implementation of the design is safe, secure, and carried out in accordance with the documentation.

Rely on DNV to test and verify your control systems

Relevant systems for performance or integration testing are any control systems with connections to and dependencies on other control systems. Some control systems are more tightly integrated than others, such as dynamic positioning (DP) systems, power management systems (PMS), thrust control systems and drill floor/well/BOP control systems. The PMS is important for many other systems, and testing for PMS and large power consumers should be included.

We use in-house developed testing software, and some of these are also available to our customers. Our software for dynamic position capability assessment (DynCap) and network storm testing are such examples. We assist you in using the software, setting up a test plan or performing the tests.

Contact DNV to achieve these benefits:

  • Safe and robust control systems
  • Reduced software issues during commissioning and operation
  • Compliance with stakeholder or rule specifications
  • Insights into your control systems and their integration – enabling proper operation
  • Independent third-party verification of your control system

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