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Energy forecast software - Synergi Forecaster

Simulation software package used to model and analyse closed conduit networks

Synergi Forecaster

Synergi Forecaster is a comprehensive set of energy demand forecasting models and features built on over 30 years of experience. With this energy forecast software tool you can make informed decisions based on a variety of forecasting modelling methods, to reduce imbalance penalties, improve your network and storage efficiency, maintain safety and security of supply and ensure sufficient future capacity.

What you get

  • Comprehensive set of energy forecast solutions
  • Support from our team of highly qualified and experienced forecasting and modelling analysts
  • Potential for substantial annual savings, even with relatively small improvements in forecasting accuracy

Improve energy forecast performance

Poor forecasting performance can lead to high imbalance charges and operating costs. With Synergi Forecaster you can improve energy demand forecasting performance, a key factor in achieving efficient and profitable energy operations in a liberalized market.

Models include neural networks, multiple linear regression, multiple non-linear piecewise regression with cross terms, ARIMA (auto regressive integrated moving average), profiler (using historical data), Bayes and adaptive combination, where several model results are combined into one forecast.

With Synergi Forecaster you can

  • Reduce imbalance penalties imposed by the regulator/transporter
  • Maintain security of supply
  • Manage gas storage efficiently
  • Book sufficient capacity in the future
  • Operate a gas network efficiently and safely
  • Optimize CAPEX by pinpointing capacity constraints
  • Make informed buying/selling decisions in times of price volatility

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