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Gas network modelling solutions

Enabling safe and efficient gas networks while preparing for future energy needs

Having an accurate and up-to-date digital representation of the physical network is essential for carrying out feasibility and impact assessments with the introduction of novel gases such as hydrogen and biomethane. 

Our experts will help you to leverage your Synergi Gas models with enhanced solutions, including gas quality tracking, so you can capitalize in several ways with new efficiencies and automation capabilities.

Automation of the network model build with offline GIS integration

Leveraging the powerful model building capabilities of the Model Builder® module, automation of the model building process is now possible. Save time and cost of regular manual updates while increasing accuracy. Key benefits include: 

  • Saves time and cost with more efficient building of models
  • Enables higher frequency of model updates 
  • Ensures consistency of design and enables best working practices
  • Models are validated in line with business requirements
  • Offline models more accurately reflect the physical pipeline

Distribution network operator training with offline SCADA integration

Generate realistic simulations for operator training, helping to reduce operational risk. Key benefits include:

  • Enables more realistic training scenarios to be performed
  • Enables multiple scenarios to be pre-set for the operator to respond to
  • Logs operator performance for post-scenario performance review 

Real-time network models with online SCADA and GIS integration

Synergi Gas can provide a near real-time network model for transient and time-varying analysis, giving more accurate results and better support for critical decisions. Key benefits include:

  • Visualization of network information in near real-time
  • Integrate existing models with other systems to gain additional insight and improve reporting
  • Near real-time “what if” operational simulation to more accurately determine line pack and network conditions (pressure, flow rate, temperature, position of ON/OFF valves and HHV)

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On the road to real-time modelling – Automatic Model Builder

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