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Controllable pitch propeller - Nauticus Machinery - Controllable Pitch Mechanism

Leading software for strength capacity analysis for components in pitch control mechanism and propeller hubs

Controllable pitch propeller

The Controllable Pitch Mechanism software module offers strength capacity analysis for components in the pitch control mechanism (crosshead pitch mechanisms) and for propeller hubs. The propeller pitch software is developed in close cooperation with the DNV Approval Centre.

Software for propeller hubs and crosshead pitch mechanisms calculation

DNV has put its domain knowledge in developing Controllable Pitch Mechanism module. 
  • Calculation methodologies based on DNV Rule Part 4, Chapter 5, Section 1, Class Guidelines 0039 (Main Class strength) and Class Guidelines 0041 (Ice Class strength)
  • Calculates both basic strength capacity and ice class strength capacity (Finnish-Swedish ice class and IACS Polar ice class)
  • Assesses blade bolt, shear pin, blade carrier and propeller hub, servo cap and fittings, crank pin, guide block, retaining wall and push-pull rod

In the static strength check the following load conditions are considered: two blades are prevented against pitching, design pressure, maximum hydrodynamic loads, blade failure load (Ice Class) and maximum ice load (Ice Class). In the fatigue strength check the following load conditions are considered: start/stop of the propeller, change of pitch setting, dynamic loads from propeller blades and dynamic ice loads (Ice Class).

Key benefits of Controllable Pitch Mechanism software

  • Efficient determination of strength capacity for the controllable pitch system
  • Supports Ice Class calculation
  • Predicts pressure and stress on components
  • Predicts friction in bearings
  • Provides default values (based on DNV experience)
  • Provides complete calculation report

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  Nauticus Machinery - Controllable Pitch Mechanism

Nauticus Machinery - Controllable Pitch Mechanism

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