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Helping you stay ahead of the regulatory curve – Compliance Planner offers a real-time 360-degree overview of future regulations impacting your fleet.

Compliance Planner provides you with a tailored list of requirements that your fleet needs to meet to achieve compliance. It equips you with a single point of information to familiarize yourself with future legislation and identify the number of vessels affected by each requirement - enabling you to take timely action.

Compliance Planner reduces the effort spent mining large amounts of paperwork and the risk of missing key regulatory deadlines by helping you navigate to relevant content and tools to support your compliance needs.

Overview of the latest features

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EEXI compliance in Compliance Planner

Get an overview of the impact of EEXI compliance on your fleet and be guided to take the relevant next steps.

Safe Mooring in Compliance Planner

Review the impact of the latest Safe Mooring regulations on your fleet in Compliance Planner and be guided to take the correct measures.

Fuel Oil Sampling in Compliance Planner

To follow up on the Global Sulphur Cap in-use sampling points now need to be designated onboard. Learn more in the Compliance Planner.

UK Ship Recycling Regulations in Compliance Planner

Ships registered in United Kingdom need the IHM certificate to reflect compliance with the UK Regulations. Find out how in the Compliance Planner.

CII and SEEMP part III in Compliance Planner

Get an overview of CII and how your fleet is affected in the Compliance Planner.

AFS Convention amendment in Compliance Planner

The AFS Convention amendments bans cybutryne. Review how this affects your fleet in the Compliance Planner.

Offshore units covered in Compliance Planner

The Compliance Planner has been expanded to also cover Offshore Units who have statutory certification with DNV.

Flag interpretations in Compliance Planner

Visit the Compliance Planner to see the full overview of which requirements, both international and Flags', apply to your vessels.

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