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DNV Fit for Purpose

Our innovative approach to maritime management system (MMS) certification supports unlocking the potential of MMS for your needs.

Utilizing the potential of management systems and optimizing the effectiveness of your safety management system (SMS) is critical for the success of your business, setting and reaching goals, meeting objectives, and utilizing resources effectively.

With your company’s unique challenges, strategic ambitions, and needs for optimization of operations, why should you accept the audit assessment of the effectiveness of your SMS being treated as one-size-fits-all?

Our audits are “Fit for Purpose” where the aim is to support unlocking the potential of MMS and set focus and audit based on the needs of your company.

Our approach is a combined audit approach leading to issuance of certificates for International Safety Management (ISM), International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS), the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) 2006, as well as voluntary standards of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and ISO 50001 to customers holding a DNV DOC.

How to unlock the MMS potential with “Fit for Purpose” services?

  • Audits designed for your company
    We do not use generic checklists, but tailor the audit to your needs.
  • Setting audit focus where it matters
    In DOC audit preparation there shall be a pre-audit dialogue where DNV auditors discuss and share information on audit focus with the DOC holders.
  • We support unlocking the potential of your SMS
    Where traditional audits only focus on conformity with detailed requirements, we look at the overall effectiveness of your SMS and assess whether it is helping you reach your desired results.
  • Combined audits
    We will utilize overlapping requirements and solutions in ISM, ISPS and MLC, 2006 and on a voluntary basis ISO standard to ensure effective audits and support effective MMS handling.
  • Data smart audits provide insight on your competitiveness
    We incorporate industry performance data and dashboards into our assessments, to support you in proactively identifying improvement opportunities and managing risk.

The Benefits:

  • Our audits don’t just assess compliance, but also focus on the aspects that are important for you
  • Partnership approach where we together ensure we focus on what matters
  • Our support allows you to unlock the potential and leverage the full potential of MMS and your SMS in achieving your operational goals.
  • More effective audits, focusing on what matters with fewer operational interruptions and a reduced administrative burden
  • Audit results are richer and more meaningful.

What to expect

The DNV goal is, through our audit services and assessments, to support customers having effective management systems meeting objectives and handling requirements in the MMS standards.

Leading up to the office audit, we will seek a partnership approach to unlock the potential of MMS and setting audit focus together with our customers. Key in our support for you to improve your operations and reach your KPIs, is sharing of performance data, understanding your performance indicators on the effectiveness of MMS measures implemented and discussing potential focus areas for your audit(s).

With focus areas agreed in advance, the Company audit will be more effective. For the shipboard audit, we will follow up on focus areas agreed in the preparation for the Company audit and the combined certification approach will be employed, which will allow us to leverage the overlaps between the requirements of the various certification schemes.

Together this will allow us to be effective on site.

On completion of the audit, you will receive a report with the results and any findings. We will also provide information on areas for improvement and noteworthy efforts. The information gathered will be utilized in dashboards made available to you.

Why choose DNV

Our “Fit for Purpose” service, places MMS focus where it matters, supports unlocking the potential for optimization of operations, and provides effective assessment of measures for meeting Company goals and objectives and ensuring ongoing compliance with requirements through an effective management system both ashore and on board.

We work together in close partnership with you to ensure that you get the most out of the audit and realize the full potential of MMS and your SMS. By working with DNV, you get access to unmatched competence and information on industry trends and benchmarks, which will support you in optimizing your management system, improving operations, and reaching your KPIs. Compliance with ISO standards in addition to ISM Code, ISPS Code and MLC, 2006 can give you a competitive edge on the market.

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