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Group Research and Development

Ocean Space programme

We take a multidisciplinary, holistic and cross-sectoral approach to challenges and opportunities for ocean industries. Our strategic goal is to contribute towards shaping a sustainable future for the Ocean space.

DNV has been working with Ocean industries for more than 150 years with the purpose of safeguarding life, property and the environment. The Ocean represents a vast potential for economic development, improved health, and better lives for a growing world population. It is vital for sustainable development through the provision of food, energy, water, medicines, transportation, and jobs while also being a crucial buffer against climate change.  

At the same time, ocean health is under pressure from climate change, habitat destruction, overfishing, pollution, littering and poor governance. In our research, we focus on ocean productivity for sustainable development as well as protection of ocean health.

A new era of the Blue Economy is unfolding

DNV forecasts demand for ocean space will grow 9 fold by the middle of the century, driven by the rapid growth of offshore wind and marine aquaculture.

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