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Group Research and Development

Research partnerships

We seek collaboration and partnership with academia, scientific networks and industry stakeholders to advance our research ambitions with scientific legitimacy and an open mind.

UN Global Compact Ocean Stewardship coalition

DNV is a founding partner of the Ocean Stewardship coalition. We’ve been a key contributor to several of their publications:  

SFI Exposed

DNV is an industry partner of SFI Exposed. The main objective is to develop knowledge and technologies for EXPOSED aquaculture operations, enabling a sustainable expansion of the fish farming industry. 

SFI Blues

DNV is an industry partner of SFI Blues. The main ambition is to enable Norwegian industry to create new types of floating stationary structures, that satisfy the needs and requirements of renewable energy, aquaculture, and coastal infrastructure.

Centre for the Ocean and the Arctic

In a collaborative project with the Centre for the Ocean and the Arctic, we explored how Northern Norway’s blue economy measure up to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and considered opportunities and challenges for future value creation.