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Group Research and Development

Research partnerships

We seek collaboration and partnership with academia, scientific networks and industry stakeholders to advance our research ambitions with scientific legitimacy and an open mind.


DNV is partner in center AMOS - Centre for Autonomous Marine Operations and Systems. The research at AMOS is used to develop intelligent ships and ocean structures, autonomous unmanned vehicles (under water, on the sea surface, in air and space) and robots for high-precision and safety-critical operations in harsh environments. 


DNV is partner in the center SUBPRO - Subsea Production and Processing . The research at SUBPRO focuses on unmanned, remotely operated subsea production and processing to increase the recovery from existing fields, enable developments of new and more demanding oil and gas fields and to reduce the cost and complexity of subsea field developments.


DNV is partner in the center NorwAI - Norwegian Research Center for AI Innovation. The goal of NorwAI is to develop cutting-edge theories, methods and technology for efficient, effective and responsible exploitation of data-driven AI in innovative industrial solutions.

Norwegian Open AI Lab

DNV is partner in the Norwegian Open AI Lab (NAIL). The Norwegian Open Artificial Intelligence Lab is a hub for research, education and innovation within AI.


DNV is partner in the Horizon Europe CSA on “Support and standardisation for climate services in Europe and beyond.

University professorships sponsored by DNV

DNV collaborates with several universities across the world. This includes the sponsoring of professorships and PhD students, lectures by our employees and the supervision of students.