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The COVID-19 crisis is having enormous repercussions on many countries in the world and significantly impacting the industries we serve.

As we get used to living with the restrictions that will help us save lives, for many of us it may feel as if time is standing still, but during all this unprecedented change, the energy transition marches on. This is the decade when the pace of the energy transition will be set; when humanity succeeds or fails to deliver on the UN Sustainable Development Goals; and when the world either does or does not take extraordinary steps to meet the Paris Agreement.

In a global crisis, remote and digital solutions can help you to deliver your projects, mitigate uncertainty, adapt to changing conditions and become more carbon resilient with flexible solutions such as remote inspections, remote measurements and virtual site visits. Our experts across the world are continuing to support our customers to accelerate the energy transition remotely.

In a global crisis, remote and digital solutions can help you deliver your projects


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