The gas value chain

An energy source for the future

As a safe and low-carbon alternative to traditional energy sources, liquefied natural gas (LNG) has risen rapidly up the agenda of gas operators in recent years. With a number of important LNG mega projects underway in countries such as Australia, innovative technologies and targeted support are necessary if operators are to close the remaining gaps in the supply chain from the borehole to the consumer. 

DNV has already played a key role in the development of new technologies, services, standards and recommended practices for the LNG sector. We work in partnership with a number of LNG pioneers and have supported the safe development and operation of 35% of the world’s LNG plants. 

In the UK, DNV’s Performance Forecasting team have completed over 50 LNG specific Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) analysis studies at various project stages, helping to optimize liquefaction and regasification operations across the world.

LNG is capable of bringing previously inaccessible gas reserves to market, but the demand on the developing technology is high. DNV’s experts are experienced in supporting the growing LNG fleet, including performing safety studies on LNG releases from carriers and during transfer operations. 

In addition, DNV’s experts help pave the way for safe and efficient end use of LNG. Where it is being introduced into natural gas pipelines, DNV has assessed possible changes in the performance of consumer equipment. In the Netherlands, this has led to regulations allowing the safe use of LNG in the gas market. Our risk-focused services help operators to assess and overcome many of the practical challenges involved with LNG. This includes providing strategies and training for rapid response should an LNG spill occur, and advising on health and safety requirements during vessel design or vessel-to-vessel fuel transfers.

PKI Methane Number Calculator for LNG

On-line calculator to assess fitness for purpose for LNG

  PKI Methane Number Calculator for LNG

PKI Methane Number Calculator for LNG

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