The gas value chain

An energy source for the future

We work in partnership with our customers to ensure the safety, reliability and performance of their gas assets once they become operational. Drawing on a rich heritage in gas processing and transportation within many international markets, we translate asset management policy into operational practice. We are proud to have developed some of the industry’s most successful systems and software to optimize asset energy use, production, reliability and processing.

In-service verification services

DNV provides verification services to assure that assets comply with the requirements defined by owners, authorities and other stakeholders in regards to safety, environment, integrity and functionality. This includes assuring existing plans and facilities through independent assessments, analyses, testing and surveys during the in-service phase.

Asset performance and optimization services

Our network of specialists monitors and validates the performance of assets and equipment to recognized industry standards, including operational verification schemes.

Asset integrity services

From engineering consulting and analysis to maintenance and inspection management and pipeline uprating, DNV’s operation performance and integrity services have been designed to safeguard the capabilities of every asset.

PKI Methane Number Calculator for Pipeline Gas

Determine the quality of pipeline gas and secure safe and reliable use by calculating the Propane Knock Index (PKI) methane number

  PKI Methane Number Calculator for Pipeline Gas

PKI Methane Number Calculator for Pipeline Gas

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We help drive the oil and gas sector forward by developing new technical solutions, standards and industry best practices.

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