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The gas value chain

An energy source for the future

The rapid expansion of the LNG industry and the rise in unconventional gas production have revolutionized the gas sector in recent years, bolstering gas supply prospects and transforming the natural gas market. 

From conventional natural gas discoveries to unconventional sources, such as shale gas, coal bed methane and biogas, the hydrocarbon is set to play a vital role in the global energy mix for decades to come. 

Gas has an important role to play in developing a sustainable and reliable energy infrastructure. Supported by growing demand for more environmentally-friendly solutions and higher standards of public safety, the industry has begun to focus on the potential of natural gas to provide a safe energy resource with a lower environmental impact. 

DNV believes that technological development will play a key role in driving energy sustainability and industry best practice along the gas value chain. We have a long-standing focus on industry measurement, compliance and energy security, as well as investment in solutions relating to energy optimization and operational efficiency. This enables us to provide operators with services that support a more sustainable and secure future for their gas assets, including biogas services, carbon management technologies, power-to-gas services and hydrogen supply services.

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