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Weighing of large offshore and industrial components is often necessary for installation and transportation purposes. It provides a reliable assessment of as-built support loads for structures. Ensuring the safe weighing of heavy units requires both a skilled team and reliable equipment.

DNV has been providing weighing services from Singapore for over three decades. Our weighing team is equipped with laboratory-calibrated electronic load cells (with an accuracy of 0.5% or better), a wide load range of hydraulic jacks and load cells (ranging from 50t to 1000t), and a synchronized lifting system. This ensures safe and reliable weighing on-site each time.

DNV can undertake total weighing operations or assist with specific operational activities based on client requirements. Our weighing service includes:

  1. Weighing of modules at 3 or more points: We use manual and/or synchronized weighing systems, compression load cells, and jacks
  2. Calculation of center of gravity
  3. Jacking of heavy items such as bridges and machinery

The typical structure and modules we weighed include:

  • Jack-up rig cantilever
  • FPSO modules and turret
  • Offshore living quarters
  • Offshore wind substation
  • Offshore wind topside
  • Offshore wind E-house.