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We operate one of the most advanced materials and structural laboratories in the APAC region, serving natural gas, offshore wind, CCS, hydrogen, and other energy industry sectors.


Our approach combines multidisciplinary and integrated methods, including laboratory testing, advanced analysis, and engineering assessment. Our goal is to assist our customers in meeting code requirements and addressing pressing technical challenges throughout the project lifecycle—from feasibility study and design to construction, operation, and life extension.

Backed by a state-of-the-art facility and a spacious laboratory spanning over 5000 square meters, our team of experts conducts testing across various scales and complexities. This includes standard materials/component testing, full-scale testing, failure investigations, weighing, and bespoke testing under simulated operational conditions.

By leveraging our in-depth technical advisory expertise and unmatched testing capabilities, we offer a broad range of services in the following fields:

  • Offshore infrastructure and technology:
    • Asset integrity assessments: We perform ECA engineering critical assessment (ECA) and fitness for service (FFS) analyses, considering limit load analysis for corrosion, fracture mechanics, and fatigue analysis of crack-like flaws.
    • Failure investigation: Our site and lab investigations, metallurgical analyses, and root cause analyses (RCA) help identify and address issues.
    • Sour service, H2, and carbon capture and storage (CCS): We assess pipeline integrity, qualification, and repurposing.
    • Corrosion and materials selection: Our assessments, analyses, and modelling aid in making informed decisions.
    • Welding: We provide advisory services and NDT/AUT (non-destructive testing/automated ultrasonic testing) qualification.
  • Laboratory and site testing:
    • Materials and components testing: We verify and qualify materials and components.
    • Large- and full-scale testing: Our qualification, assessment, and validation cover a wide range of scenarios.
    • Weighing of structures and modules: Accurate weight and center of gravity measurements are crucial.
    • Power grid protocol testing: We specialize in EV charge points OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) testing.

Laboratory services and solutions offered globally


Corrosion testing


Failure analysis and failure investigation


Flow testing and flow calibration


Full-scale testing


Materials testing and qualification