DNV is highly recognized for its failure investigations and operates metallurgical laboratories equipped to perform materials evaluation, analysis, and advisory services. We assist the energy industry in investigating a wide range of failures, from major breakdowns to failures of small components.

By applying our multidisciplinary technical expertise, DNV conducts root cause analyses (RCAs) to help customers identify the underlying reasons for failures and implement mitigation measures to reduce the risk of recurrence and future material damage.

Furthermore, by combining our fitness-for-service (FFS) capability, DNV is uniquely positioned to assist our clients not only in understanding the cause of failure but also in developing the best solutions to ensure equipment and asset reliability in post-failure services.

Our approach to failure investigation includes:

  • Evaluation of compliance with specifications and operational design conditions
  • Assessment of unintentional incidents and failure causes
  • Field inspections, condition assessments, and damage analyses
  • Non-destructive testing and measurements
  • Laboratory testing and evaluation
  • Fracture mechanics calculations and testing, as well as fatigue assessments
  • Fitness-for-purpose assessments
  • Development of programs to mitigate damage and risk.