Building trust in additive manufacturing

DNV supports the global additive manufacturing (AM) supply chain worldwide to build trust in ‘printed’ metal parts

Additive manufacturing (AM) has significant potential to rapidly supply reliable and cheaper spare parts at or close to places where industries need them. This industrial form of 3D printing could help to avoid long, expensive production shutdowns and reduce supply-chain carbon footprints. Building trust in ‘printed’ parts is key to unlocking this potential. 

A pathway to safe, compliant, high-performance additive manufacturing 

We work with stakeholders across the value chain to ensure AM products, assets, and systems are safe and efficient:

  • Manufacturers of AM materials, equipment and end-products: Manufacturers need to know – and show – that their products are safe, compliant and perform to specification. DNV provides the supply chain industry with independent assurance
  • Users of AM products: Industrial operators, EPCs and other users of printed parts need to know that they will perform as well as those produced by traditional methods, while providing the cost and efficiency benefits. DNV provides advice to ensure the safe and efficient adoption of AM products.

Supporting companies globally, our network of AM specialists are based out of Norway, the US, and Singapore; the home of our Global Additive Manufacturing Centre of Excellence.


How we help

Business and technology development

We fast-track business and technology concepts throughout the additive manufacturing supply chain. Our proof-of-concept, feasibility and pilot studies offer independent scientific evaluation of the practical potential of an idea, its technical and economic feasibility and the risks involved before full investment is placed on scaling innovations. 

Pre-production qualification and approval 

We document the performance of innovations in additive manufacturing, and we help to develop solutions to potential challenges before new technologies come into operation.  Drawing on DNV Standard DNV-ST-B203: Additive manufacturing of metallic parts, we carry out systematic assessments to document technology performance and quality. This includes: 

  • Endorsement of facilities and digital products/services
  • Qualification of manufacturers
  • Qualification of build processes
  • Qualifying parts.

Read more about DNV's AM standards and guidelines, and how we are working in partnership with a broad range of stakeholders to increase knowledge and acceptance of AM.  

Verification and certification of production and operations

We carry out surveys and independently verify equipment, facilities, and products. We verify and certify according to DNV’s oil and gas industry standards, and other recognized codes of practice, to help companies across the supply chain demonstrate safety and industry best practice. Based on these standards and practices, we provide industrial supply chains with assurance that equipment for manufacturing printed parts meet high standards of quality and integrity. Furthermore, we ensure that materials used to produce AM parts are of the right quality.  


DNV is one of the world’s largest classification and certification societies ready to approve 3D printing/AM products. Find out more about how we are supporting the shipping industry.   

Testing and research

DNV operates a network of 10 laboratories and test sites across three continents. We are ready to address the most challenging technical needs of the additive manufacturing supply chain:

  • Materials testing to regulatory standards and company requirements
  • Full-scale testing of structures, components and systems in realistic environments 
  • Failure analysis to help determine the cause of failure and prevent failure incidents 
  • Corrosion testing to help the industry find cost-optimal solutions.

Read more about how DNV is investing in research and innovation, to ensure that everyone in the oil and gas and related industries benefits from AM.

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