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DNV GL unveils the complexity of ocean governance in report for the UN Global Compact

The ocean is referred to as the new economic frontier with a capacity for significant economic growth. It covers two thirds of the surface of the Earth and is crucial for the well-being and prosperity of current and future generations. Many of the challenges the Ocean faces, however, including ocean plastics, biodiversity loss and climate change transcend the capacity of a single state or a single industry to address.

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DNV GL has mapped current Ocean governance and regulation in a report for the UN Global Compact Action Platform for Sustainable Ocean Business.  It will form the foundation for discussions on creating a sustainable future for our seas.

Sturla Henriksen, UN Global Compact’s Special Advisor for Ocean: “The UN Global Compact’s Action Platform for Sustainable Ocean Business brings together a cross section of leading actors of global business, research and government institutions to address how the ocean industries can actively underpin and advance the full range of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. An important part of the work will be to identify areas and topics for further consideration or action by governments or the United Nations, with the objective to enhance further global and local ocean governance”.

“There are a number of governance issues related to the effectiveness of current regimes and the need to address the increasing pressures on the ocean”, says lead author of the report, Dr Bente Pretlove from DNV GL.  “In this space, private governance mechanisms, including standards, best practices and certification schemes, play an important role in complementing public governance.”

“Given the complexity of the topic, the mapping exercise has proven to be an ambitious and important effort and a precondition for identifying areas for improving the sustainable management of the ocean resources”, says Sturla Henriksen.

Read more about the report and download it here.

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