Maritime Forecast to 2050

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Providing valuable insights to empower information-based decision making for all maritime stakeholders on their decarbonization journey.

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To help the industry navigate a way forward to shift to carbon-neutral fuels, our 7th Maritime Forecast to 2050 report offers a fresh outlook on regulations, drivers, technologies, and fuel availability.

It considers several critical issues underpinning the decarbonization challenge, including:

  • How a fast-evolving greenhouse gas regulatory framework is taking shape, including carbon pricing, which significantly increases costs and risk for shipowners.
  • How shipping can react to the increased global demand for carbon-neutral fuels by adopting a range of operational energy efficiency measures, including speed reduction, route optimization, and wind assisted propulsion.
  • Whether low-emission technologies such as onboard carbon capture and storage (CCS) and nuclear propulsion are economically viable alternatives to carbon-neutral fuels.
  • What mechanisms can be used to bridge the price gap that exists between conventional fossil fuels and carbon-neutral fuels. 
  • How green shipping corridors can accelerate the uptake of carbon-neutral fuels by addressing and resolving barriers on a manageable scale.