CO2 Efficient Transport via Ocean - CETO

CCS – a vital measure for decarbonization

It is now clear that the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions alone will not enable us to achieve global climate goals. After 2050, the global carbon emissions must be negative to reach the 1.5°C target. Carbon capture and storage (CCS) will enable hard-to-abate sectors to emit less CO2 and allow carbon capture from the usage of biogenic fuels, which will in turn lead to negative emissions.

Together with our industry partners, DNV is operationalizing low-pressure, large scale CO2 ship transport. One of the challenges in the CCS value chain is the transportation between capture and storage, and the CETO project is an important part of solving this challenge.

CETO – at a glance

The CETO (CO2 Efficiently Transported via Ocean) joint industry project (JIP) aims to reduce the risks and uncertainties related to the design, construction and operation of a low-pressure CO2 ship transport chain. Proving that a low-pressure CO2 value chain is both feasible and reliable can contribute to large-scale transportation of liquid CO2 (LCO2). In addition, mapping out this solution will provide insights into the consequences a low-pressure value chain has to the conditioning and liquefaction.

The JIP aims to gain experience in low-pressure transport, filling a vital knowledge gap by examining the fundamentals of a low-pressure CO2 transport chain:

  • An LCO2 ship design, with low pressure tank and cargo handling system
  • Material choice and testing
  • Medium-scale testing and process simulation of cargo handling
  • Conditioning and liquefaction
  • Testing LCO2 behavior at low pressure

For the purpose of the Technology Qualification, a generic and conceptual value chain was defined to ensure consistency through the input/output of each element of the chain.

The project will provide fundamental knowledge and experience applicable to any low-pressure value chain. It has been developed independently from existing proprietary solutions to ensure insight and control of all relevant operations and designs.