Dutch Naval Design

Enriching the Dutch Naval Design community and contributing to the winning driven partnerships

DNV’s Dutch Naval Design knowledge hub

This knowledge hub is created by DNV to support and enrich the Dutch Naval Design collaboration effort by the “Golden Ecosystem”, consisting of Netherlands Ministry of Defense and Dutch Naval community. DNV, as an independent foundation and international institute, is committed to invest 5% of our global turnover in R&D. This means that we have already a lot of knowledge, experience and rules and standards readily and publicly available to contribute to the 7 strategic technology roadmaps set out by the Dutch Naval Design. This knowledge hub is DNV’s contribution towards the community’s key aspiration of winning driven partnerships.

Key members from DNV supporting this project are:

  • Christian von Oldershausen, Segment Director Navy, Maritime
  • Derek Riezebos, Key Account Manager, Defence & Security, Energy Systems
  • Mark Kruidenier, Business Development Manager, Region West Europe, Maritime

DNV is supporting Dutch Naval Design in 5 of the 7 following roadmaps:

  • Roadmap 1: Energy & mobility
  • Roadmap 2: Digital twinning
  • Roadmap 3: Autonomy
  • Roadmap 4: Survivability
  • Roadmap 5: Smart Maintenance
  • Roadmap 6: Manning & Automation
  • Roadmap 7: Mission & Model-Based System Engineering
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DNV is supporting Dutch Naval Design on the following roadmaps:


Roadmap 1: Energy & Mobility

Strategic objective: By actively configuring and controlling the propulsion and energy systems, the operational effectiveness and sustainability of the maritime capabilities will be increased.


Roadmap 2: Digital twinning

Strategic objective: Digital capturing/representing all aspects and characteristics of a new construction project with the aim of optimizing it throughout the entire life cycle from conception to decommissioning.


Roadmap 5: Smart Maintenance

Strategic objective: To increase the reliability and availability of the platform through active monitoring and digitization of the supply chain.


Roadmap 6: Manning & Automation

Strategic objective: To support the more optimized crews on board with automation, mechanization and robotization.


Roadmap 7: Mission & Model Based System Engineering

Strategic objective: To accelerate the development, design and maintenance process of maritime capabilities by capturing a clear digital representation of the equipment in a structured and coordinated manner. This topic is mainly seen as a precondition (enabler) for the other Roadmaps.

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