Objective: Contribute to greener, safer and smarter shipping.

The shipping industry moves about 80% of world trade volume, making it an integral part of the global economy. Shipping is an extremely efficient mode of transport and has steadily improved safety and environmental performance over the past few decades. However, there are still significant challenges ahead.

Maritime transport
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The Maritime Transport Program focuses on how shipping can become safer and greener, and how this will affect and drive our business in the future. We have a long term research perspective and our main focus is on understanding how technology developments will affect the shipping industry in the future. The projects carried out vary from small internal projects to large international projects consisting of several industrial partners and supported by EU or national research funding bodies.  The team also has close collaboration agreements with universities from all over the world.

Seychelles Pioneer
Seychelles Pioneer

The Fuel Trilemma

Next generation of marine fuels

Ship Connectivity

Shipping in the 21st century


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