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Use of the Operational Vessel Data

Be prepared for the EU framework: MRV, ETS, and FuelEU Maritime

The EU's holistic framework addresses maritime emissions through key initiatives: EU MRV, ETS, and FuelEU Maritime. They regulate, monitor and incentivize emissions reductions in the industry, reflecting the EU's commitment to combat climate change. Robust reporting mechanisms, emissions trading systems, and fuel standards promote sustainability in the maritime sector. 

EU ETS: ensuring compliance and managing emissions performance

From 1st January 2024, vessels must report according to the new Monitoring Plan covering new greenhouse gases (N2O and CH4) emissions. Starting in 2025, shipping companies must submit verified company emissions reports to the relevant administering authority. These reports are based on MRV ship emissions reports from the previous year.

Why choose DNV’s digital solution:

  • MRV Monitoring Plan generator that will also be used during EU ETS and FuelEU update*
  • Automatic generation of company emissions reports*
  • Elimination of manual input through a digital/API solution*
  • Assured quality of MRV data*
  • Streamlined and efficient MRV verification process**

(*Provided by DNV AS / ** Provided by DNVGL SE)


Unlock new possibilities by addressing emissions management needs

Explore how to enable accounting and value chain collaboration for ETS compensation


Clarifications on the IMO DCS/CII and EU MRV/ETS, use of biofuel

Read our comprehensive update from 21 December 2023

MRV (EU and UK) with DNV – streamlined digital reporting and expert data verification

Simplify your reporting through our system-to-system connection that enables automated data transfer. Rest assured, DNV's verification body rigorously verifies your vessel's aggregated data from log abstracts, bunker reports, and external sources, which leads to accurate yearly emission reports.

Advantages of MRV with DNV in a nutshell:

  • Convenient and efficient digital reporting and reliable verification
  • Established reporting format covering requirements of major regulations, including EU/UK MRV and IMO DCS
  • Usage of the Operational Vessel Data (OVD) format, which allows the reuse of data and the coverage of additional requirements
  • Effortless real-time data transfer (API) supported by major reporting system providers

Based on the experience of over 20,000 MRV reports, the solution is continuously optimized for a smart and seamless process.

FuelEU Maritime: getting ready with DNV for the new regulation 

Also starting from 2025, ships trading in the EU/EEA must maintain a yearly average greenhouse gas (GHG) intensity of energy below a specified level. The regulation's alignment with EU MRV and the evaluation of additional emissions monitoring and reporting obligations are currently under assessment. 

DNV provides customers with tailored services and timely updates to meet the requirements of FuelEU Maritime.


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