Maritime Advisory by DNV

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Use Maritime Advisory for ensuring safety, reliability and technical integrity

The ongoing decarbonization and digitalization of shipping is leading to new technologies, fuels and changes in design and operations at an increasing pace. The result is an emerging safety gap. Maintaining and improving the safety and integrity of your vessels are increasingly important to mitigate this risk.

Having access to world-leading competence, modelling and calculation tools can ensure high levels of ship safety, reliability and technical integrity. We work with all parts of the maritime value chain covering vessel or offshore unit design, management and operations. 

Get access to a broad range of capabilities – from safety culture development to ship structure or hydrodynamic calculations: 

  • Safety culture and safe operations
  • Integrating safety in design 
  • Risk management (navigation, business, technical)
  • Safe implementation of new fuels and technologies
  • Vessel integrity safety, reliability and comfort – assessing wave loads, strength and fatigue, noise and vibration, stability, and machinery aspects 
  • Regulatory compliance support
  • Troubleshooting and incident investigation

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