Maritime Advisory by DNV

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Strategic and technical advice for future-proof vessel newbuilds from Maritime Advisory

Building a new asset involves high risks, technical challenges, and regulations, to name just a few. Within today’s business landscape, in which large transformations are creating new demands, the future-proofing of newbuildings has become more essential than ever for all stakeholders involved.

Ensure the success of your vessel newbuilding project – with strategic and technical support from DNV Maritime Advisory:

  • Meeting upcoming regulatory and stakeholder requirements
  • Project and business risk management
  • Vessel fit for purpose
  • Vessel design assessment – strength and fatigue, hydrodynamics, machinery and systems, noise, vibration, energy efficiency and safety
  • Risk assessment and validation of new technology
  • Fuel and technology flexibility

Our advisory experts have extensive knowledge about maritime technology, integrity, newbuilding processes, market development and maritime transformations within digitalization and decarbonization.

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