Wind turbine installation vessel (WTIV)

Wind turbine installation vessels (WTIVs) have specific needs, different from traditional oil and gas-focused offshore operations.

As is the nature of wind turbine installation vessels, they go through frequent repositioning. This proves to be challenging for the jacking systems if not properly taken into account. In addition, you need to be able to make a balanced judgement when selecting an operational profile – taking into account operations in more extreme weather conditions. Do you place higher design requirements on your WTIV or choose a reduced operation profile with more frequent sheltering?

DNV fosters close cooperation with the industry. This allows us to take the specific industry challenges for wind turbine installation vessels into account in our classification service. As a result, you can make sound operational and business decisions.  

Our qualified experts focus on the specific technical risks of these vessels, remaining pragmatic and yet thoroughly focused on quality and safety. 

Our rules for wind turbine installation vessels enable you to profit from a number of benefits:

  • Approval of your unit to a dedicated approval standard, focusing on the actual risks of the vessel
  • Assurance that trade-offs made are based on sound technical decisions
  • Confidence that the safety and reliability of the unit meets operational expectations

Furthermore, classification from DNV is a recognised qualification which serves as a building block for coastal state compliance. 

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