Self-elevating units

The most popular types of platform on the market are jack-ups or self-elevating units.

The specific nature of self-elevating units – partly floating, partly fixed – presents special challenges for this offshore platform type. A clear focus on and an in-depth understanding of the issues that self-elevating units face in the market is essential in today’s hectic business environment. 

Even though they are part of the mobile offshore unit regulations and safety standards, self-elevating units feature elements which are more related to fixed platforms. If these two worlds are not seen from the right perspective, it may easily result in higher and more expensive requirements, without a positive effect on safety. 

Dedicated experts from DNV, with dynamic competency and knowledge of local processes, provide you with the technical solutions you need in the jack-up segment. After more than 40 years, our team continues to be driven by a passion to resolve the engineering difficulties which the industry confronts.

We are committed to delivering a better service to the jack-up segment with a continuous drive for improvement:

  • Dedicated OSS-104 and recently introduced Recommended Practice on Inspection and Maintenance of jacking systems
  • High-end engineering jobs on jack-ups and approval of documents
  • Experts devoted to the segment locally, thanks to a local approval and competence centre
  • Maximising uptime by minimising interference on daily operations through our efficient support
  • Early engagement with designer, yard and owner to ensure that safety standards can be met in order to achieve rule compliance
  • A service covering all of the unit’s phases, from pre-contract and conceptual design studies to in-operation inspections and analyses

We have dedicated service and competence centres for jack–ups in Dubai, Singapore, US, Norway and UK. Our experts systematically collect failure information, analyse and investigate causes, and deliver state-of-the-art solutions.

Choosing our classification service will give you:

  • An efficient design with transparency for all your stakeholders
  • Control on your commissioning and system integration challenges
  • Trouble-free operation with a minimum of interference

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