Floating production storage and offloading units (FPSO)

Particularly for remote or deep-water locations, FPSOs are essential for more cost-effective oil production, storage and offloading.

Around the world, the offshore production of hydrocarbons is moving into deeper and ever more remote locations. As a result, the total development and operational costs are increasing, but in today’s market the revenue expectations are not being met.
DNV has more than 30 years of experience in floating production and storage and offloading units (FPSOs). Our classification, verification and consultancy services enable FPSO owners, designers and equipment manufacturers to move forward with greater confidence during the project’s entire lifecycle. 
Our FPSO classification approach is increasingly focusing on cost and adapted to your specific situation. Production volumes, oil price, geographical location and water depth are all important factors which we take into consideration.

Depending on the project, our services can range from pre-approval of conceptual studies for newbuildings to efficient and cost-effective, fast-track conversions:

  • During the design phase, we put together a tailor-made scope dependent on your specifications. In cooperation with oil companies, FPSO owners and different national authorities, we have developed class notations and corresponding service specifications as well as offshore standards, specifically for FPSOs. 
  • For classification of FPSOs in operation, we focus on zero interference with the production process. We integrate our surveys with established maintenance systems and establish a broader risk-based overview for the unit. Furthermore, key experiences from the design and approval phase are used in the operation to establish a specific In-Service Inspection Programme (IIP) for each unit. This tailored approach also allows you to establish a more efficient integrity management regime.  

In addition, we have developed software products like Sesam, Nauticus and Phast (Process Hazard Analysis Software Tool). They represent a strong portfolio of software products for design support with any floating production project.
DNV contributes knowledge of technical and regulatory compliance specific to any FPSO project.

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