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Offshore operations and assets

How DNV can help you solve key industry challenges

The industry’s continually changing compliance requirements are difficult to keep up with. The currently increased emphasis on safety and no tolerance to major accidents combined with an increased focus on cost efficiency are opposing objectives placed on the owners, operators and their suppliers. DNV has substantial experience and experts in all the relevant fields to support you in preparing your offshore vessel for new or continued charters.

Regulatory compliance

Regulatory regimes differ between geographical regions and are continually changing. Remaining compliant for current and future charters thus requires focus and a clear overview. Furthermore, recent major accidents have raised the focus on reducing risk. For several decades now, DNV has invested heavily in R&D, Joint-Industry-Projects (JIP´s), rule & regulations development and service development to ensure safe operations in a cost-efficient manner.


Contractual compliance

As a vessel owner, you experience changes in contractual requirements between operators, from field to field, and over time. Knowledge of these and of your own asset’s condition is essential for ensuring compliance. That is why DNV works with all the industry players globally and across the whole value chain – supporting you in condition monitoring and analysis or documentation to ensure compliance.


Total cost of Operation

Vessel owners and operators experience price pressures, falling day rates and a fight for new contracts and need to reduce their cost base while maintaining revenue streams. DNV can provide benchmarking of your fleet against industry best practices, and make suggestions for improving efficiency, maintenance management and docking risk management, among others.


Production regularity

Regularity in production, in terms of both uptime and capacity, is essential for extending and winning new contracts. Options for performing maintenance and renewal surveys offshore are thus a major focus for many rig owners. DNV can support you with condition monitoring and assessments, an improved maintenance strategy and processes and tools as well as the improved effectiveness of docking projects.



When it comes to “moving house”, you are faced with several questions: How can I get my asset ready for the next charter? Is it possible to change my vessel to meet requirements? How can I ensure compliance? DNV can support you with technical feasibility studies, measurements, analysis & documentation during conversions and temporary changes to onboard equipment.