Total cost of operation

Oil companies’ cost cuttings and the lower oil prices are dominating today’s market landscape. Vessel owners and operators are experiencing price pressures, falling day rates and a battle for new contracts. As a consequence, reducing the cost base is essential for ensuring competitiveness and maintaining profitability in 2015 and beyond.

DNV works closely with the different parties across their entire value chain. We have augmented our competence and developed services in order to provide you with insights into the costs of various measures. 

Our key services covering total cost of operation include:

  • Fleet management excellence, with benchmarking against industry best practice
  • OPEX assessments and suggested solutions 
  • Assessment and optimisation of a maintenance strategy, processes, tools and training
  • Efficient planning and execution of dockings, including assessment and selection of a yard for surveys and conversions
  • Preparation of vessels for laying up or scrapping