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Autonomous urban mobility: Taking digital assurance to the next level

A leading zero emissions and autonomous ferry project in Norway presents a golden opportunity to research how to shape the future of digital assurance.

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Floating Offshore Wind

Floating offshore wind is opening new possibilities for wind power locations and will play a critical role in the transition to a cleaner energy supply. DNV is helping floating offshore wind commercialize with confidence.

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Transition Faster Together

Explore our Transition Faster Hub, an industry information source of solutions and ideas to help us accelerate the energy transition. Pre-order thought leadership reports on three vital areas: renewables; power grids and energy use and efficiency

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Twenty years of corporate sustainability progress – what next for businesses?

DNV's report for the UN Global Compact 'Uniting Business in the Decade of Action' looks at two decades of corporate sustainability progress, concluding that companies need to accelerate from decades of ambition to a Decade of Action.

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Heading for Hydrogen

Discover why the time is finally right to begin scaling the hydrogen economy, and get insight into the role that industry and governments must play. Dive into the research paper here.

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Maritime interview: Maintaining business operations in times of crisis

The firm grip of the coronavirus pandemic on the global economy has been extremely disruptive but DNV has done quite well in China, thanks to its digital services. Read to find out more.

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The multiple dimensions of Asset Performance Management

The natural gas industry is an example of where it is both a fuel of the present and widely accepted as a transition fuel in the quest for a carbon-neutral future. In this role it has the spotlight upon its performance. Performance here is defined on multiple dimensions.

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Blockchain as a bridge between consumers and brands

Discover MyStory™: DNV's solution for assuring the accountability and transparency of products in today's trust-orientated consumer market.


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