DNV enables the healthcare sector to make critical decisions with confidence at a time of digital transformation. 

We provide hospitals around the world with frameworks to optimize performance and enhance patient safety and quality, and we assure medical devices to required regulations. 

Our solutions integrate and aggregate data to synchronize healthcare provision, and our expertise helps to keep the sector’s operations cyber secure.

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DNV Imatis

DNV Imatis integrates and aggregates data across healthcare operations. We bring critical information together into a simple overview, in real-time, wherever you are, unlocking your capacity to care.

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Cyber security

Defend your organization against the escalating threat of data breaches with clear and practical advice from DNV.

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Hospital accreditation

The accreditation programs DNV offers either directly address regulatory requirements for hospitals or provide guidance and best practices for clinical specialty organizations across healthcare.

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Healthcare research programme

DNV explores, develops and tests future assurance mechanisms and roles in healthcare, including the adoption of AI and the safe and effective use of health data.

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