Digital Health at DNV

Accelerating digital transformation in healthcare
Through building a digital health portfolio with solutions that improve patient
safety and assure a secure and efficient digital transformation, DNV is empowering healthcare providers to tackle rising costs, staff shortages and demand for care.

We invest in and acquire companies that help improve and maintain the integrity of healthcare operations via software solutions. Typically, these companies have a turnover of more than EUR 20 million and operate in Europe.

We are growing rapidly in the digital health market through a diverse portfolio of digital health businesses tackling three fundamental issues required to accelerate healthcare’s digital transformation:

  1. Protecting sensitive organizational information and person-sensitive data from unauthorized access, modification, disruption, and inspection.
  2. Managing data in line with emerging standards for quality and safety, and ensuring accuracy, reliability, and consistency.
  3. Enabling data to follow patients through the healthcare system and for data to be shared in real-time between people and technologies, within and between organizations.


2700 +

hospitals and healthcare providers

certified or accredited worldwide to international, national and DNV Standards


patient pathways

managed every day across the UK’s National Health Service, and growing

42000 +

healthcare professionals

using our solutions to collaborate for more efficient and seamless patient journey

600 +

hospitals in the US

accredited by DNV to requirements of the CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services)

1000 +

medical devices

tested and certified by DNV to regulatory requirements


dedicated research unit

partnering with healthcare institutions on AI validation and clinical implementation, and data sharing in healthcare

Could DNV accelerate the growth of your digital health business?

We have an active M&A strategy in digital health. Our team of digital health experts supports our portfolio companies with range of key issues from strategy to commercial growth, technology development and governance.

Our advantages as a global, purpose-driven owner:

  • Owned by an independent foundation with a long-term investment horizon
  • Global brand profile known for safeguarding life, property and the environment
  • Significant network of existing healthcare provider customers
  • Long-term focus, with a growth-driven network of businesses
  • Strong local healthcare footprint in UK, Nordics, EU, Australasia, Brazil, China and US
  • Broad offering of assurance services with focus on safety, quality, and privacy.


Our value as an active investor:

  • We provide access to resources, our extensive network and our global corporate infrastructure to support portfolio companies’ management teams in their growth journey
  • We enhance portfolio companies’ sales and marketing, financial management, strategic planning, brand development, and security and compliance – through support from experts and functional teams, together with methodologies and frameworks
  • We position DNV and its portfolio companies as thought leaders within digital health.

Download our pack “DNV in Digital Health” to find out more.


Companies in our digital health portfolio