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Offshore Aquaculture

DNV: your partner for safe and sustainable aquaculture projects

DNV services support offshore aquaculture projects

To achieve your objectives, your offshore aquaculture units must perform effectively and efficiently to ensure safe and reliable operations. DNV can support you with business processes, systems, tools, expertise and the resources you need to ensure integrity throughout the lifecycle of your project.  

If you work with DNV, you will benefit from:   

Risk reduction in design, construction and operation
DNV helps you systematically identify, prioritise and eradicate major risks at all levels of your operations from concept, design, build and ultimately sustainable edible products to feed the world population.  

Access to the DNV global network
DNV has a wide global network of offices and provide customers with added value and foresight. Our global network increases the opportunity for sharing insights on markets, locations and governmental requirements. 

Benchmarking/analysis of asset operations and maintenance programmes
DNV is uniquely positioned to benchmark at all stages of offshore aquaculture development – for example on how well global sustainability goals are assisting the development of offshore aquaculture operations. 

Examining the expectations of the industry in knowing and understanding food sources and the welfare of workers, fish and the supply chain. DNV unique blockchain services support My Story, whereby evidence throughout the supply chain, food to folk, of fish can be verified to illustrate how customer needs and expectations are being fulfilled. 

Optimization of strategies, work processes and management systems
DNV's strengths include management system certification, health and safety verification for the building and operation of offshore facilities. Sustainability and environment impact assessments of offshore facility build and design, through to the production of safe sustainability, premium quality fish to feeding the growing world population is high quality protein. 

Training & Assurance support
Our Training & Assurance support help companies prepare for efficient and sustainable operations.

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