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Offshore Aquaculture

DNV: your partner for safe and sustainable aquaculture projects

Insights and opportunities in offshore aquaculture


Understanding and managing aquaculture risk

DNV’s barrier management guideline enables more efficient risk control during operations, providing efficiency gains for fish farmers and authorities.


Marine Aquaculture Forecast to 2050

Explore how and where marine aquaculture production will develop and meet growing demand through to 2050. Download the full report here.


VIDEO: Offshore Aquaculture

Aquaculture is moving further offshore, and technology is evolving rapidly to produce fish at a scale and in locations never seen before. DNV can help your operations grow sustainably and safely.


Aquaculture is going digital and moving offshore

What is the future of offshore aquaculture? Learn more in our Technology Outlook 2030


Offshore aquaculture

Seizing the opportunity, managing the risk: this feature article takes a deep dive into offshore fish farming


Taking a broader view on ocean space

The ocean space is a key resource for energy, food, minerals, leisure, and transportation. It represents huge potential for value creation. At DNV, we take an integrated, cross-sector approach to ensure sustainable activities related to the sea

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