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The transition in 10 global regions

There are huge geographical variations in the energy systems and how the energy transition develops. You can drill down into 10 global regions.

The energy transition unfolds differently in each of the 10 world regions included in our forecast. Its speed and scale are influenced by a number of factors, such as: geographical and resource issues; legacy technology and energy systems; stages of economic development; and government policy. 

Thus, every region has a unique starting point and a different transition trajectory — from OECD countries targeting post-industrial prosperity, to emerging and fast-growing economies, to regions entering an era of development. 

Our ETO model generates insights and captures this granularity, and, in the following sections, the forecast transition for each of the 10 Outlook regions is presented, including: 

  • Regional characteristics and the current position 
  • Pointers to the future 
  • The regional transition results explained, also covering the emissions profile and forecast 
  • A net zero pathway for each region, emphasizing key policy levers, the emissions reduction and main energy shifts
You find the regional reports from page 220 in the main report.

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